About Us

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Transforming Physical Wellness in Hospitality

ProFitness goes beyond delivering quality fitness equipment for your property. We are the leading fitness equipment contractor in Maldives. With expertise in health, technology, and engineering – we offer complete and innovative fitness and recreation solutions that drive a competitive edge for our clients. Whether it is through state-of-the-art fitness facilities, sports surfaces, recreation centers, or luxury in-room wellness solutions.

Our Story

ProFitness aims to create fitness and recreation spaces that are both functional and safe, always. Traveler expectations are drastically changing as they integrate technology into health and wellbeing. Hotels can no longer afford to use poorly maintained fitness facilities. ProFitness was created in 2016 when a strong passion for wellness joined the expertise of technology and engineering. In partnership with leading global brands, ProFitness creates high-quality wellness and recreation spaces that are properly maintained and functioning to the best of their abilities.

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Our Promise

Seamless Service

A total solution - from design, installation, and maintenance - eliminates the need for multiple vendors for your fitness and recreation needs.

Innovative Spaces

By integrating decades of experience in wellness and technology, we design and create spaces that help you standout.

Reliable Partnership

We have gained the trust of over 30 properties in the Maldives since our founding in 2016, which includes some of the biggest hotel brands.

How We Work


Thoroughly understand client requirements and expectations before preparing an equipment flooring layout or 3D renders as per flooring plan.


Once installation is complete, we provide installation report to inform clients on status of equipment and any outstanding issues.


Discuss with clients for any revisions and confirm order. We keep clients updated throughout the delivery process. Once equipment is delivered, we ensure all items are checked at port for any issues.


We offer complimentary services for certain partner brands, after which we provide servicing under contract. Our team provides different services based on client needs and prepare service reports upon completion of contract.

Our Clients

We offer complete and innovative fitness and recreation solutions that drive a competitive edge for our clients